Next stop Eight Avenue

A twisted mix of brotherhood and a knife in the back.
People move restlessly up and down the street like fish in an aquarium.
You buy and sell what you can. Drugs, goods, weapons or your body.
Pills, 10 for $20. Crack $10. Cocaine. Heroin. A gun within ten minutes.
As long as you’ve got the money baby.
“What’s up man?” A quick handshake and then move on. Keep on walking.
Scattered along the avenue are the institutions supplying clean needles, methadone, housing and counseling.
An even stream of “clients flow through every day.
Turn the corner of 39th and you’ll enter the daily life of the others again.I met Richard Frizzelli at the corner of Eight Avenue and 39th Street in New York. By chance, as most meetings in life are.
He introduced me to his violent and turbulent history where familylife gradually was replaced by heavy drug addiction,
AIDS, homelessness and several years in prison. His life was echoed by many on the street.